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I don’t want to spend all day cleaning.  I have a lot of other things to get done. I am sure everyone has had one of those days when you just don’t have the drive to clean the house or you are so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to start.  I have been there.  The following is a list of all the different ways I get myself and my children motivated to clean.

#1 Turn it into a game.

Take a timer and assign each person to a room.  Give each person a garbage bag, duster and a basket.  The object is to get the whole room clean in 10 or 15 min.  Each person will pick up any trash, gather up anything that belongs in another room and put it in the basket.  Then dust every surface.  Who ever finishes before the times goes off wins.  Set the timer again and have everyone put the items in their basket away.

Another variation of the game- Take a timer and set it for 10 min. Start in one room, assign everyone a task. 1 person will pick up all the dishes and take them to the kitchen sink.  1 person would pick up all the clothes and put them in the laundry room. I person would pick up all the trash.  When you are only focused on one thing it is a lot easier to not get overwhelmed and give up.

#2 Focus on one room at a time.

Sometimes life gets in the way and our homes get a little neglected.  When this happens it takes a lot more than 10-15 min to get each room clean.  When my children were young, I would tell them to go clean their rooms.  They ended up just playing and making a bigger mess.  So, I came up with a plan of attack.  I gave them a garbage bag, a box for goodwill and a laundry basket.  I would pick one object for them to focus on.  For example I would tell them to pick up all the books and put them away.  Then I would have them pick up all the dirty clothes and place them in the laundry basket.  Then I would have them pick up their toys.  And continue this until they have everything put away, placed in the Goodwill box or garbage.

cleaning supplies.

#3 Take your cleaning supplies with you into each room.

I have a bucket I take with me to each room.  It has Duster, 2 Microfiber cleaning cloths, one damp and one dry, glass cleaner, furniture polish and carpet fresh.  I find it much easier and faster to clean if I don’t have to keep going to the laundry room each time I need a different cleaner.  I keep a timer in the bucket too.  I like to challenge myself and see how fast I can clean a room.

#4 Use the Basket.

One of the fastest ways to run out of time and energy is to pick up something that belongs in the bedroom and run and put it away, then come back and see something that belongs in the Kitchen and put it away.  If you keep putting things away you are going to burn out fast.  You can either keep a basket for each room or one basket.  If my house is a total disaster I take 5 baskets into the room I am working on and use one for each room in the house.  This way I only make one trip to each room  to put stuff away.  If I am current with my house cleaning I only use one basket for items that belong in another room.  Then I go from room to room putting things away.

#5 Keep it Clean.

Once you have your house clean it is important to keep it clean.  If you spend  15 min each night putting stuff away and wiping down countertops and tables you can keep it clean.  Come up with a daily routine that works for you.  The following is one we use.  It is so nice to not have to worry about unexpected company because your house is clean or at least mostly clean.

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