Apothecary labels

It’s getting spooky over here.  There are all kinds of fun Halloween projects going on.  This is one of my favorite. Who doesn’t need cute labels for their snake venom, Arsenic & Werewolf fur.  I don’t know about you but it is really hard to keep this stuff straight if it is not labeled correctly.  Just last week I almost put Bone Powder in my potion instead of Unicorn Dust.  It was almost a huge disaster.  Luckily, everything is labeled now so I will get my potions right from now on.
These awesome labels were created by a fellow blogger over at www.liagriffith.com. Lia has some amazing freebies and I find her blog very informative and inspirational.  You can download them from her site, print on a full sheet label and cut out the different shapes.  I had a blast painting some of the bottles with chalkboard paint.  Most of the jars I just had around the house, pickle jar, starbucks latte, pace picante sauce. I did get the awesome triangle bottle at the thrift store.  Have fun with these labels.  Let us know what you think.
Apothicary labels

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