Summer in my garden is finally here.  Everything is beginning to give back some of the investment of time and hard work earlier this spring.  It is one of my favorite times.  I am dying for a taste of some of my tomatoes, but so far they are refusing to ripen, though when they do, I am afraid that I will be overrun with them.

I stopped by the local fruit stands yesterday and picked up a few tomatoes to hold me over until mine are ready.  When we got home I whipped up these fabulous little appetizers!

Bruschetta is a popular recipe that usually involves basil, fresh tomato, garlic and onion or mozzarella.  I was out of mozzarella, so used some soft goat cheese and parmesan cheese and a little prosciutto.  The bread is from my favorite little bakery, Crumb Brothers.  If you are ever in Northern Utah, it is worth it to stop by and try any of their wonderful breads and pastries.  

I put a little drizzle of a balsamic reduction over the top.  This adds a great tangy zing but does not soak in like regular balsamic vinegar would.

These tasted amazing!  The great thing about bruschetta is that you can basically put whatever you want onto it.  Just be sure to use fresh ingredients and have fun!  

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