DIY Bird Feeder

We have a lot of these little guys around our yard this time of year.  I find it really relaxing to watch them from the warmth of my kitchen.  This little bird feeder was really fun to make and I got to drill glass for the first time.  I was a little nervous at first but it was really cool.  I can’t believe how thick mason jar bases really are.  This is a fun weekend project that you will enjoy for a long time.
Carbide drill bits specially made for drilling glass
chicken feeder
mason jar
glass bowl
screw eye bolt
two nuts
two washers
bird feed
safety glasses

I have never drilled glass before and I was really nervous.  I watched several youtube videos before I attempted this project.  This is a great video to watch.

First I drilled a hole through the mason jar, then through the bowl sized to fit your eye bolt.  I bought my set of drill bits at Harbor Freight (item #68168).

Place a nut and washer on screw eye bolt.  Feed bolt through the bowl and jar.  The mason jar should be sitting inside the bowl so that the bowl will act as a roof when it is hanging in your yard.  Place a washer and second nut inside the jar.  This can be a little tricky.  I had to hold the jar sideways and use a socket wrench to attach the nut to the bolt.  It took a few attempts.

Be careful to not overtighten the nuts as it is easy to get carried away and break the glass.  Once bolt is secure, pour in some bird feed and attach the chicken feeder to the bottle.  Turn the assembly over and you are ready to hang it in a tree.

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