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Who doesn’t love Chocolate Cake?  I love it!  Have you ever had a chocolate cake emergency?  I have, just last tuesday it was 9 pm, no cake mix in the cupboard and even if there was no desire to get out the mixer and spend time making it.  This Emergency Cake would have fit the bill perfectly, simple recipe and the only dirty dish is the mug you use to cook it in.   Just make a single serving and wallah, one mug to clean and no chocolate cake on the counter tempting you all week. This mug cake is a great way to have your chocolate cake fix without messing up the whole kitchen.  Plus you can kick it up a notch with chocolate chips, a spoonful of peanut butter and of course more chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  This is a really easy mix to make.  I just made a batch for Kylie to take to Bear Lake.  She just started her summer job and the group of girls she is living with are going to love this.


Emergency Chocolate Cake
  • 1 box Angel Food Cake mix
  • 1 box Chocolate Cake mix
  1. in a large bowl mix the angel food cake mix and chocolate cake mix. That's it. mix it up and put it in a cute jar or ziploc bag.
  2. To make cake:
  3. I a mug mix together 3 tablespoons of mix and 2 tablespoons of water. Microwave for 1 min. dollop on some frosting and sprinkles. Be amazed and how awesome you are for making this cake.
  4. To kick it up a notch mix in a small handful of chocolate chips or a teaspoon of peanut butter. Or go crazy and do both, then microwave

Emergency Chocolate Cake | www.ourlifeinspired.com

After you have mixed the Angel Food and Chocolate cake mix together you are ready to make a chocolate cake.  First add 3 tablespoons or cake mix and 2 tablespoons of water to a microwave safe mug.  Mix together with a fork.  Microwave for 1 min.

Emergency Chocolate Cake | www.ourlifeinspired.com

Cake will rise a lot and be perfectly moist when it comes out of the microwave.  Next add whatever you want.  Sometimes a little whip cream and sprinkles are all you need. Other times chocolate frosting and caramel syrup are what is needed.  The cake is good by itself too.

Emergency Chocolate Cake | www.ourlifeinspired.com

Add this cute label, some dectorative tape and a small bag of sprinkles to a jar and you have a perfect gift that will brighten anyone’s day.  I am a huge fan of full sheet stickers.  I use them when I need to make a lot of the same label.

Emergency Chocolate Cake | www.ourlifeinspired.comFree Printable. Chocolate Cake Emergency | www.ourlifeinspired.com



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