Fall Leaf Pillow


 leaf pillow

It’s another crisp morning here in beautiful Cache Valley.  The lawn is littered with leaves and the air smells like fall.  If you have not noticed I am having a lot of fun making pillows for the porch.  Now that I have a railing up around my porch it feels more like an extra room and I have had a blast decorating for each season.  This leaf pillow is really easy.  If you can sew a straight line you can make this pillow.  The blanket stitching around the leaf was even fun.


My newest sewing best friend is Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive.  It is essential for doing apliques.  If you are lucky your machine will have a blanket stitch option.  I am not lucky so I had to do it by hand.  It really was kind of fun.  If you are not sure how to do a blanket stitch, check out this tutorial by  Holiday Crafts and Creations.

2 pieces of fabric 16″ x 13″
1 piece of coordinating fabric for leaf 8″ x8″
black embroidery floss
hand sewing needle
Heat n BondIron on the Heat and bond to the back side of your leaf fabric. Trace leaf pattern onto paper backing and cut it out.  Remove the paper backing and place the leaf on the front of the pillow.  When you have it aligned iron leaf onto pillow.  Once it is secure do a blanket stitch all around.  This will help insure the leaf does not come off.

Once leaf is stitched on put the right sides of you fabric together and sew around the edges leaving a 4 inch gap in one seam to allow for stuffing.

Turn pillow right side out and stuff it.  Once pillow is desired firmness hand sew the small opening closed.  And walah you have an awesome pillow.



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