Homemade Vanilla Extract


Homemade Vanilla is probable the easiest thing to make.  All you need are vodka, vanilla beans, a bottle to put them in and time.  We have been making our own vanilla for a few years now and love how it makes everything taste so good.  We purchased the vanilla beans from myspicesage.com.  They offer free shipping on any purchase and a free spice sample of your choice.

Any brand of vodka will do.  We picked this brand because of the bottle and it was on sale.



For the small bottle we took 2 or 3 Vanilla beans and cut them in half to fit in the bottle, then split them lengthwise to expose the yummy insides of the beans. Place vanilla beans in your bottle and fill with vodka.  Put lid on bottle and place in a dark, quiet spot for 6 weeks.  As time passes the vodka will get darker and absorb the essence of the vanilla beans.  This would make excellent Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends.

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