Our Story



Welcome to Our Life Inspired.  Dave and I are excited to share all the fun things we get to do and create with you.  Dave and I met at Utah State University. He was studying Finance and I was still deciding.  Dave and I were fast friends and have been ever since. We were married in June of 1992.  We honeymooned in Jackson Hole/Yellowstone. This last summer we went back with the kids it was just as beautiful as I remember.

We have always enjoyed making and creating things.  This trait has led us to a wide variety of interests.  From woodworking and woodturning to gardening and cooking.  We enjoy the paths to discovering new things.  As you may know, many times the journey is just as rewarding as the end result.

Dave and I have been crafting for a long time.  We have done several craft fairs and were even featured in BHG County Sampler back in 1997.  There is always a project of some sort in the works.

Both of our children came to us through the miracle of adoption and have been a true blessing to our lives.  They are both teenagers now.  Both are extremely talented, beautiful inside and out.  Andrew would accuse me of having my “mom goggles” on if he read this but I believe they are the most amazing children in the whole world.

We hope you find inspiration and come back time and again to see what new project we have undertaken.