Pizza Party at the Smith’s

Everyone NEEDS one of these is their backyard!


 Backyard Oven

This oven has been one of the most rewarding projects we have ever done.  It was really fun to build as you can see here.   We have enjoyed countless Pizza Parties with Friends and Family over the years.  This oven will cook a Pizza in about 1-2 min.  Dave has perfected his pizza dough and marinara sauce recipes.  Dave tells me his marinara recipe is coming soon!

marinara sauce |








Dave's Pizza Dough |

Dave starts his dough the night before and divides them into 200 gram dough balls.  That way it is easy to grab one and roll it out just as you need it.

Step 1: Roll out dough and place on a pizza peel with a little corn meal underneath.  Other wise you will not get it off the peel and into the oven.

Step 2: With a pastry brush, brush olive oil around the dough edge.
Step 3: Add marinara sauce. Leave about an inch border.


 Dave's Pizza Step 1
Step 4: Add a little cheese


Dave's Pizza Step 2
Step 5: Add your yummy toppings.  The secret to this style of pizza is less is more.  Only use a few toppings.  I like to be able to savor the flavor of everything.  If you add too much or too many toppings the crust will not cook evenly.  Burnt edges and doughy center kills the pizza excitement quickly.


 Dave's Pizza Step 3
Add a little more cheese


Dave's Pizza Step 4
Put pizza in oven and watch as it turns golden brown.  1-2 min


 Dave's Pizza Step 5
Make sure you keep an eye on it while it is baking.  You want to remove the pizza just as it starts to char slightly around the edges.  With a little practice you will be making the best pizzas of your life!


Dave's Pizza Step 6
Slice it up and watch it disapear





If you are interested in building one of these, we would love to answer any questions.


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