Pottery Barn Inspired Bat and Cat Pillows


Bat and Cat Pillow

Pottery Barn inspired Bat Pillow


Ready for a really fun simple project to make your porch festive for Halloween.  I admit I wish I was better at sewing. I like to go to sewing retreats with my family but I think I enjoy the food and laughter more than the sewing.

I saw a cute pillow on Pottery Barn www.potterybarn.com (on the right) .  It is what inspired these pillows.  Anyone that can sew a straight line can make this 7259949_origpillow.  It was really fun to put this together.








1/2 yard black fabric
White acrylic paint
Small sponge or stipple brush
Fusible interfacing
White pencil
Sewing machineStep 1-  figure out how big you want your pillow.  I wanted a long skinny pillow for the bench on the porch so I cut 2 pieces of fabric 24 x 10 inches.
Step 2-  take a large plate or bowl and use a white pencil to trace a circle in the center of your pillow. Remember to allow for a seam allowance on the pillows 5634061_origedge.


Step 3-  put a piece of cardboard under your fabric and lightly stipple the white paint all around the circle until you have the desired effect.8889829_orig


Step 4-  Cut a piece of black fabric that is just big enough for  3 bats.  Iron a piece of fusible interfacing to the fabric. Trace the three bats onto the back of the interfacing. Cut out the  and bats.


Step 5- remove the paper backing from the bats and arrange on moon where you want the bats.  Iron the bats onto the moon.  You can do a simple blanket stitch around each bat to help them stay attached. 


 Step 6-  with right sides together sew around 3 sides of the pillow and partially onto the 4th side.  Clips corners and turn right side out.  

Cat Pillow-

I made the Cat pillow  12 1/2″ x 10″.  follow steps 4-6.

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I do!



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