Silverware Drawer Organizer DIY

A magical thing happens the longer you are married.  The same may happen to those of you who are single, though I have not experienced that situation for many years.  Anyway, every time I open our silverware drawer everything in there seems to have multiplied.  There are more spoons and more forks and more stuff!  Though I can never seem to find what I need when I need it.

We have had a small drawer organizer, like the ones you can get from Walmart or the local dollar store.  It is functional only if there is not a lot of items to organize.  Unfortunately, we passed that point quite some time ago.  Since each storage section is overflowing, Viv thinks it is ok to just dump the silverware from the dishwasher directly into the drawer.  Hey, it’s in the drawer.  Uggh!  It’s enough to make one pull their hair out in frustration.  Since I have no hair to spare, another option is called for.


Before:  What a mess!

I figured that I could improve on the organizer and maybe even get Viv to put things in the correct spot.

I found a couple pieces of particle board that would work just fine.  After measuring the drawer and getting some suggestions from Viv, it was off to the garage to cut up the wood.Drawer Organizer - cut 1

After cutting everything to size, it was time for a trial fit in the drawer.

The test fit was a success!  She liked it.

Test fit and glue cut pieces in drawer.

Test fit and glue cut pieces in drawer.

Next I glued and stapled the pieces together.  I had to be careful at this point.  I did not want to put in too much glue or the squeeze out would have glued the dividers to the drawer walls.  Viv wanted to be able to remove the dividers periodically to allow for cleaning.


After:  Much better!  (and easier to put together than I thought it would be)


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