Weeds be gone already!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am already tired of pulling weeds over and over again.  I think they grow back thicker the next day.  My biggest concern about spraying is the toxins in some of the commercial sprays.  I don’t want those in my soil and I especially don’t want my babies (see  below)  to accidently ingest them.  Thanks to Pinterest I have been able to come up with a great natural version.  It worked a lot better than I had hopped.  I only applied this spray to the walkways so I made it really salty.  I  hope it will prevent new weeds from forming.



1 gallon of vinegar
1 container of salt (26oz)
2 Tablespoons of Dawn dish soap

Mix the vinegar and salt together.  Stir until dissolved.  Make sure the salt is dissolved before you put it in your sprayer, otherwise it will clog the sprayer nozzel.  Add dish soap to vinegar/salt solution and stir gently.  Presurize  sprayer and saturate the weeds.

The vinegar will change the PH of the soil so you don’t want to get this close to any vegitation you want to keep.  The salt will dry out the plants and the dawn will help the vinegar and salt stick to the leaves.

                    My Babies                            Weeds taking over                             Weeds after 24 hours

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