Whipped Body Buttter


I have been trying to put only good things into my body and I want to do the same for the outside.  This body butter is amazing. It smells so good I just want to lick it right off the beaters.  I guess I could since all of the ingredients are food grade.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient of your favorite lotion.  I have and there are so many ingredients that I can’t even pronounce let alone have a clue what they are.  So in my search for something better I came across all natural body butters.  This recipe will blow your mind and your skin will crave it.  This recipe was inspired by Emily @ holisticsquid.com.

7 oz Cocoa Butter
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/3 cup Almond Oil
a few drops of your favorite essential oil ( I like Doterra’s Lavender, Lemon, Balance or Serenity)

Gently melt the Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil until smooth. Add Almond oil.  Pour into mixing bowl and put it in the fridge to cool until mixture begins to harden. Don’t let in completely harden or you will have to melt it again.  This will take a while so keep checking on it. Once firm, mix until white peeks form.  Then I like to separate the batch into 3 or 4 different bowls and add the essential oils.  It is going to be really soft and fluffy when you put it into your bottles.

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